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112 The Pr,zFfiae of Piety. f r Apo,aa,ao fIob TO. t PCal. 314. u Lek t.z9. Prat. 37.37. Ifay 17.z, xMal.;g.s. y Nat749 thee, O God : My foule thirieth 6r God, fir the liming God : when (hall I come and appeare before God ? Hee prayeth with the Saints, q How long O Lord whichatrt holy & true? r Come, Lord Iefirs, come guick,.e y. And whé the f appointed time of his diffolution is come, knowing that he goth to his t Father and Redeemer in the peace ofa good confcience, and the affu> red perfwafion of the forgiuenes of all his fns , in the blood of the Lambe, bee Pings with bleffed' old Simon,hù u NOW dirnittit Lord', now lettei thou thy Ser- uant depart in peacc,&c. and' fur - renders vp his foule, as twere, with his ovine hands , into the bawds of bit heaue» y Father , raying-with Dauid: x Into thy Funds, O Father, I commend m7 foulc, fir thorn haft redeemed me, 0 Lard, thou God of truth. And Paving with Stephen, y Lord Ie° fuu;recerAt: my sprit; He no Loo - net