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The Prl.ttíice of `Tidy. ner yeelds vp his facred Ghoff, but immediately the K holy von- gels, who attended vpon him from his birth, vnto his death, a carry and accompany his foule into Heauen, as they did the Soule of Lazaras into Abra- hans bofonie , b which is the Kingdome of Heauen, whither only good Angels and Qood workr doe accompany the Soule : the one to deli aer their c charge,the other to receiue their d regard. The Rodio in conuenient time, as the Sanctified e Temple ofthe Holy Gho.thefmembers ofChri 7,nouriihed by his Tod y, the price of the blood of the Sonne of God, is by his fellow- brethren reverently 'laide to i Pepe in his grasse, as in the bed of Chrifl ; in an afïiired hope to i arvaf e in the Refurre- F7ion of the irrf, at the lait day, to bec partaker with the foule, oflife & glory euerlal}ing. And in this refpcft not onely the ules,. 113 vs Mat.18. ro Afts 11.I5. and z7.2,1.. a Luk.ló.za b Mar.8. i Luke 13.z8. ß Ets I1. Ephef Fhb. I i.9i 1006. and 1 x,12,13. Luke 19.9, and 9.3 T. c Pfa.9a.1I. Heb.1, 14. d Apec.14. 13,& 12.Iz. e a Cor.G. 19. f Mar.z6,ti g t Cor.ó,zo 1 Pet. 1.19. h I Thcf.4, 14. As 7.6, and 8,11. i Dan.1 a.1. loh.5.a8,19 Luke 14,14, 1 TheC 4, 16317. Apoc,14,ì3