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IT 4 The of Piety. aLak.IF.y \ fouler, but the very bodies of the faithful' alto are termed bief ed, Thus farre the blefedne f j"e of the foule and body of the Re- generated man in death. Now kt vs fee the bleedne fe of his foule and body after death. 3.Meditations of the bleed el ate of the Re enerated man after death. THis Rate bath three de- grees. r . From the day of Dearh,to' the RefisrreEhon. 2. From the Ref rreEl ion, to the pronouncing of the Sen- tence. 3. After the Sentence, which lads eternally. As Toone as euer the Regene- rated man bath yeelded vp his Souk vnto Chr ft the holy cAn- gels take her into their cuflody, and immediately a carry her into Hoarsen : and there prefent her