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The Pratltce of- Piety. z5 her b before Chrift;where fhe is b Heb.i,i4 crowned with a c Crowne of ri g h- t and 12,14. teou ne a and glory riot which a zTim.4.8 i y , Apoc.,. Thee bath d eferued by her good i Pet.y. workes , but which God bath promifed of his free goodneIle to all thofe,who ofloue,haue in this life vnfainedly ferried him, and fought his glory. Oh,what my will it be to thy Smile ! which was wont to fee but mif ry and (inners, now to behold the flee of the God of Glory ? yea, to fee Chrift wel- comming thee, as footle as thou art prefented before him by the holy Angels, with an Eu`e bone fem. n ! Well done, and welcome good and faithfdl feruant, enter into thy Maflers joy. And what ioy will this be, to be- hold thoufnd thoufânds of Cot.r.6. Cherubi-ns , Seraphins, e.4ngel r, Eph. 1.2 I Thrones, Dominions, l rincipali- ties, ?ozvers : All the holy Petri - arches , PricfLs, Prophets, ilpo- .:les, Martyrs, Profi f or r : and all the