Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

116 The d'rallice of Piety, thefoides of thy Friends , Ta- rents,Husbands,wisses,Children, & the refs of Gods Saints,who departed before thee in the trine Faith of Chrifl , Handing before Gods Throne in bliffe and glory ? If the eene of Sheba, beholding the glory and atten- Oance giuen to Salomon as it were rausfhed therewith, brake Y Kings io. I out and faid, Happy are thy men, happy are thefe thy ferNants , which Rand mer before thee, and heare thy wif dome : How thall thyfoasle be rauithed to fee her felfe bygrace admitted to Band with this glorious Company, to behold the bleffed Face of Chrii}, and to heare all the trea- fires of his Diuine zvifedome I How (halt thou reioyce to fee fo many thoufanol thoufands well-comming thee into their Luke its heanenly fociety ! for as they all reioyced at thy conaserfion; fo will they now bee much more I royfsll to behold thy Corona -