Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

( The Prat ice o f Piety. tion ; and to fee thee receiue thy Crown, which was laid vp for thee againft thy comming. For there the crown of Martyr- dome Thall bee put on the head ofa Martyr, who for Chrifis Gofpell fake indured torments: the Crowne of Virginity on the head of a Virgin, which fubdu- ed Concupif'ence the Crowne of Piety and Chalky on the head of them , who fincerely profeffed ChriOO, and kept their 'Wedlocke bed vndefiled : the Crowne of good works on the good Atfnes giuers head, who liberally releeued the paore : the Crowne of vncorruptible glory on the head of thofe Pafiors, who by their preaching and good ex- ample, haue conuerted foules from the corruption of finne, to glorifie God in holineffe of life. Who can fHfcäently eX- prefle the reioycing of this Heauenly Company, to fee thee Apoc.7.9. thus erowned with glory, array- ed