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119. The Pra£?ice of Piety. ed with the íhining Robe of righteoufneffe ; and to behold -the Palme of vsE.ory put into thy hand ? Oh whatgÑtulation will there bee , that thou . haft efcaped all the miferies of the World,the fnares of the Diuell; the paines óf hell, and obtained with them thy eternall refs and happinefie ? for there euery one ioyeth as much in anothers happineffe, as in his owne, be cauff 77, °e (hall fee him as much loud of God, as hhn.felfe. rea, they haue. as many diftint toles as :they haue cempartnera of their iay. And in this ioyfiill and bleffed fare , the Soule re- fleth with Chri I in Heauen till the RefnrreEtion when as the number of her Fe low -fer- cants and Bi. ethren bee fulñlLd, which the Lord tearmeth but a little feafon. The _record degree of mans bleffednes after death, is from the Refurrreftion, to the pro- nouncing Apoc1,9.