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The JPrag6ce of Piety, 119 ----- I somwing of the finall Sentence For at the laf day, r. The Element4rie Heßstessr, Earth , and all things therein , fhail bee a di folued and purified' a z Pet.3. with fire, r 0,11313. b i Cor.i S. si. z Thef.4.t6 lohn 5.18. Ezek 37. 2. At the b found of the laft Trumpet,. or voice of Chrif1 the Archangel , the very ¡me bo- dies which the- eleff had be- fire (though turned to duff and earth ) (hall rife againe. And in the faine inflant , euery mans Soule (hall. -re -enter into his onne body, by vertue of the Re- farreaion of Chrig their head, and bee made aline, and rife out oftheir graues , as if they did but awake out of their beds,And howfomer Tyrants bemangled than bodies in pieces. or conta- ined them to afbes yet (hall the Ele&1 finde it true at that day, that not an haire of their head is perifhed. 3. They (hall come forth out of their &raw's, like fo many do fphs, R0111,8,Tis ftom; f i'. i Cor. I6.27, ! P114;,i0.ii i The-644i4 Mat. i p.3.0.