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12 t The.4.ta Par eft Po- tditors Dei ad in(ìitutn dos, é. reûi- tuendos ho- mines. Athenagor. f Fa), 65..0 * Ter 7{efurreGi. c. 6. Hier. tpi. z7.& 6t. Aug.lzb. tz. de Ciuit.Dei omnes Theo- ¿op in 4. Sent.difi.44 gEph.4.z; ftei commu- niter credF'it 1'heolegi in 4 Sent.dift. 44. vide Aug. de Ciuit. vei 411,t'a46. The Prafliee of Piet /. lofephs out of Pr fön: or Dmiels out of the Lions Dénr:or lonahs otst o f Whales Bellies, 4. All the bodies of the E- lcEt being thus made alise, than arife in that (f) perfellion of na- turc , whereunto they fhould haue attained by their natsrall temperament, if no impediment had hindred : and in that vigor or age, that a perfeft man is at, about three and thirty yceres old, each in their « proper fixe : Whereunto `Divines tbinke the Apofile ailudeth, when he faith (Drill we all come vnto a peril man , vnto tht meafsre of the age (or itature) of the f lne f fe of' Chrif . Whatfoeuer imperf Ili - on was before in the body, (as blindnefe,lamene f je,crooksdneJfe) thall then be done away. Iaeob fhall not hilt , nor Ifac bee blind ; nor Leah bleare -eyed, nor 1blephibofheth br Line: for ifDa- taid would not haue the blends and lame to come into his hosfc; much