Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Trraffice of 'Piety 121. much Ieffe will Chrift haue bltndne fe and lamene fe to dwell in his heauenly Habitation. Chrifi made all the Bliì d to fee, the burnt, to fpeake, tly Deaf to heare, the Lame to walk; &c. thar came to him to fecke hisgrGace on earth much more Will he heale all their imperf.. Rims, whom he will admit to his glory in heaven. Among thofe Tribes, there 1 not one f eble but the lame man flat leape as an Hart , ani the dumbe_mans tongue [ball ling. And it is very probable, that feeing God cra- ted our firfi Parents , not in- fants, or Old men, but of a per f a age, orfßature; the 'íb.,104,,,, or new creation from death, Thal eáery way be more perfctt then the .4, -,Pw or frß frame of Man, from Whi,_h bee fell. inro -the Rate of the d- id. Neither is it like, that Infancy beeing imp'er f dion, and old age i'orruptïon, can well Rand with the Rate ° °a- aom.aes mn P Cal. zds.37 hay 3 s,6.