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122 The Pratfice of `Piety. 'Cot./ f.43 ofa perfeEglorified body. 5. The bodies of the Eletl be- ing thus railed, (hail haue foure moll excellent and fupernaturall gu4lities. For : (" 1. They (hall bee railed in power, wherby they fhaI for euerbe freed frö all wants 8e weaene fes, and inabled to , continue , without the vfe of meat drinke, fleepe, and other former helpes. 2. In incorrnption , where- by they !,hall neuer bee fu6ieft to any manner of imperfaflions , 6lem fh , frcknefJ"e, or death. ;. In glory, whereby their bodies !hall Thine as bright of the Inn in the firmamet and which- beefing made tranfJiarent , their finites (hall ,thine thorow, farre more glarions then their bodies.Threeglsmpfes of whichglory were feene, A- Firm,. ' Cor. z 5.41 Ifay 65.1o. Aug. 8atch. cap.go. Cviar.13.44. van.t.;. Luke y.;1. Zach. 9.16, t Thef.4.z7