Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The `Prafl ice of Piety. Firft,in Mof s face:Second- Exo.34. x7 lÿ, in the transfiguration : Match, 17 Thirdly, in Stephens coon- A&s 6.1y. tenance.Three infancer and alfurances of the glorifica- tion of our bodies, at that glorious Day. Then !hall Dauid lay afide his Shep- heards weed, and put on the robe óf the E ings Sonne Imo, not Ionathans, Then euery true Mordecai (who mourned under the Sack- cloth ofthis corrupt PA ) (hall bee arayed with the Hçß.6.4. Kings Royal( appareil, and haue the Crowse- royall Pt vpon his head, that all the world may fee how it (ball bee done to him, whom the King of Kings delighteth to honour. if not* the riling I of one Sonne makes the morning fo glorious, how #.lorious lhall that Day be, when innumerable milli- ons of millions of bodies o G 2 Saints ° i,;,