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124 The PraîEice of Piety, vbi volet Ipiritus, ibi erit & cor pus,Auguft. Mat. 2.4.z8. Ifay 40.3 t. Wifd.;. 7. Cor.i5.46 Spirituatia po¡i refurre- liftmen: e runt corpora non quia COP. pot-4 tße üe. ffiant, f sI quia dfizratu viuifitance, ¢faabfißunt. Aug1 Der,cai:a#: Q r... Saints and Angelr, fall appeare more glorious then the brightnes of the Sun! the Body of Chrift in glory furpaifing all. 4. In Adgility,whereby our bodies íhall bee able to 6afcend, and to meete the Lord at his glorious corn - oing in the aire , as .F,a- gles fl.»n2. veto their Ref: fed carka/e. To this agi -, lity of the Saints glori- ous bodies, the Prophet alludes, laying, Theyfhall renew their ftrength , they fhall mount vp with wings as Eagles : they fhall run, and not be weary ,they fiat wake, and not faint. And to this Rate may that laying ofwfedome be re - feed : In the time of their vifion they flail Pine, and run to and fro , as#arkes among the ffaabble. And in refped of thefe foure