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The Prit ice o f `Piety. foure qu tkies,Pe ul cal - leth the raifed bodies of the Elea, Spirittiall: for they (hall bee fpiri- mall in qualities, but the L fame Çtill in f 6:Pnee. And howfoeuer finne and corruption make a man in this (late of mortalitie, lower then Angels ; yet furely, when God (hall thus crowvne him with glorie and honour, I cannot fee how man (hall be any thing ínferiour to Angels. For are they Spi- rit? So is Man alto, in refpe 1 of his Soule; yea, more then this they (hall haue alto a fpi- rituall body, fafbioned like vasto the glorious body of the Lord le- fu Chr fl ; in whom mans na- tureis exalted by a perfonall vni- on, into the glorie of the God- head, and indiuiduall fociety of the bided Trinity An honour which hee neuer vouchfafed Angels. And in this refpea man path a prerogatiue abate them : G 3 Nay 725 Pfa1.8. f. Hcbs,ti.,: