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4 126 Heb.I.14. P- a1.9i. lude ver.6. LPer.1,.4. * I Pet.3. 10,[I,I2. 2I Cor. 11. íie Luk,17e 3 y, The `Praflice of Piety. Nay, they are but (jiiritr pointed to be Minifters veto the Eletl : and as many of them who at the firf} difdained this ofEe, & would not keepe their fir(} 'landing , were for their pride hurled into h:11. This lef- feneth not the dignity of Angels,, but extols the greatnef e of Gods loue to Mankind. But as for all the Eleif, who at the !econd, and fildden come. ming of Chriff, (hall bee found guicke and liusing The * fire that (hallburne vp the corrup- tion of the world, & the works therein, (halt in a (a)moment, in the twinkling of an eye, ouertake ; them as it(6)findi them : either grinding in the Mill of prouifi= on , or walking in the fields of pleafure, or lying in the bed of cafe : and fo ( burning vp their droffe and corruption,) of mor- tall, make them immortal/ bo- dies : and this change (hail bee unto them in i}ead of death. Then