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I ) The Praílice of Tiety. place, his glorious Throne íhould be ere&ed in the Aire, when he shall appeare in _lodge- ment, to manifft his Alaiefßie and glory. For it is meet that 4t The sea Chr f should in that place iudge beyond lot- the world with righteous iudg- dan Ty u u t- towartd ment, where hee himfelfe was rs,c teth the vniu tly fudged & condemned. the world 3 Becaufe that feeing the And Ezech. Angels fhall bee fent to gather ,faith f teru- together the Eteli from thefours tatem,ln rne. :a &Ntiu» winds, fern one end of Hearten, P olis ' J to the other: It is moft proba That f`" rom sien, as from 'ble, that the place whither they a center, the shall be gathered to fhall bee Law hourd be published neere Ierufalem, and the Valley to , all of Ieho f phat : which * Cofmo- aAd there nations _ fhall graaphers defcribe to bee in the be judged according to the Law, Kom.2. f2. Richardus de villa noua, I SeatTi fi. 74,48. Mat.tS 31. Lude verfat Chr f afcend from. Mount O- liuet 9. middefi of the fuperficies of the earth. If the termini ai quibus, . he the foure parts of the World; the terminus ad quern,. ,rnuft be about the Center. 4. Becaufe the Angels told the Difciples; thatas they faw