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v The Prattice of Piety. . 133 lïuet; which is otter the V alley Apoc.2o. of Iehofaphaat : fo hee íh_ all' likemanner come down from Heauen. This is the opinion of .Aquinas , and all the Schoole- men,except Lombard and Alex- ander Hales. 5. Lafily, when'Chrií} is fet in his glorious Throne, and, all the many thoufia ids of his Saints and Angels, fhining more bright then fo many Sonnes in glory, fitting about him : and the body of Chrfi, in glory and brightneffe furpaffing them all : ( The Reprobates beeing fepa- rate, and remaining beneath vp- on the earth ; for the right hand fignifieth allefed, the left hand a ciarfed Effare) Chrift will ßrfi pronounce the fentence of abfoltstion and bliffe vpon the Elea. Firfi, becaufé hee Mat. z 9.28. Cant-2.r. Anfelm. in tat.cap.i5 will thereby encreafe the g . rie J PfaI. raS.9. o.fthe reprobate, that fhall heare Ad Ifay 18:z1. panera it. Secondly, to Phew himfelfe tardos Dena more prone to Mercy, then to eft, ad pre- udge- ' tnia veloz.