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134 The ?raffia ITietye Alat.2;,4. lodgement. And thus from his Throne of MaieJ1ie in the Aire, hee íhall (in the fight and hea- ring of all the World) pro- nounce vnto his Elea, Come,' yee ble ffed of my Father , inherit the Kingdome, prepared for you, from the beginning of the world far,&o. Corse ye) Here is our bléffed union with Chriff ; and by him, with the whole Trinity. leffed,) Here is our abfoluti- on from all finnes, and our pie - nary endowment with all grace and happineffe. of my Father) Heere is the Author, from whom by Chrifl, proceeds our flicity. Inherit) Heere is our Adop- tion. The Kingdome) Behold our Birth -right and poffef ion. Prepared) See Gods Fatherly care for his chofen. From the foundation, of the World) O th ° free,ecernall,. vu- th nge-.