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changeable Elecion of God How muchare thole foules bound to loue God, who of his meere good' will and pleafure, chofe and loued them, before they had 'done ether good or e- ill ? For, I was hrn gr y, tie, ) O the Roma9.3a Coodne f fé ó f Chrif , who takes notice of all the good wakes of his Children, to reward them ! How great is his loue to poore Chrif ians , who takes cuery worke of mercy done to them for his fake,as Wit had bin done to himfelfe ! Come ye to mee, in Cohn 20e19. whom vee haw beleeseed , before ye faw me : and whom ye haue loued and fought for, with fo much deuotion, and through fo many tribulation,. Come now, from labour to re : from dif- grace, to glory : from the iawes ofdeath,to the ioyes of eternall Lid. For my fake ye haue bin' marled vpon, reuiled, and ,c it ed But now it (hall appeare to all °f'zr thof