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6 Pfal.27,1o. Mat. 19.29. Ìohn zo.t7s 2 Cor.6. ao. The PraElke of Piety, thole curled Efau's , that you are the true Iacobs, that ¡hall receiu.e your Heauenly Fathers blefng .: and blefled ¡hall you bee. Your fathers, mothers, and neereft kindred fòrfooke, and call you off, for my Truthes ahe which you maintained but now my Father will be ve- to you a Father , and you ¡hall be his Sonnes and Daughters for euer. You were caff out of your lands and linings, And for - f oke all for my feike, and the Go- f et: But that it may appeare that you haue not loft your gaine , búrgained by your to f fe.. : in mead of an Earthy inheri- tance and po¡feffions, you fhall poífeffe with me the inheritance of my Heanenly Kingdoms, where you {hall bee for loue,. Sons ; for birthright, Beires; for dignity, Kings ; for holine({e,. , Priefts; andyou may be bold to enter into the pofefon thereof now, becaufe my Father prepa- red,,