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The Practice of 'Piety. fird, and k^nt it for you , euer fire the firfxi foundation of the world was leid. Immediately after this Sen- tence of' abfolution and bene- diE/ion, euery one receiueth his Cr.;rone , which Chr f therigh- teeur Judge puts vpon their head,, as the reward which hee haïh promifed of his grace and mercy, vnto the Faith andgood Ivores of all them that loud that hu appearing, Then euery one taking his Crowne from his Head , (hall Jay. it downe (alit were) at thef ete of Chrif; And proffrating themfelues , (hall with one heart and voice, in an Heaucnly fort and con6rt, fay : Prai f and Honour , and glory, and Power, and Thankes, be vn- to thee, O bided Lambe,who tell vpon the Throne, 'tr4 Iled, and haft redeemed vs to God by thy blood , out of eatery I(indr 1, and tongue, and people and Nation , and haft made vs unto