Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Prafhice ofFiet,. ferret- , and glorious planets, is hid, that wee cannot behold it with thefe corruptible eyes of fle!h. The Holy Ghofi (framing himfelfe to our weakenes) de- fcribes the glory of that place, which no man can of irnate, by fuch things as are moí4 pre- cious in the estimation of man : And therefore likeneth it to a great and a holy City , named the Heauenly Ierufalem: Where onely God , and his people, (who are ',Cued and written in the Lambes Booke) doe inhabit : all built of pure gold , like unto cleere glafe or Chr, yfla !l : the wallet- of Iaffier!tone : the fnunda- tions of the wallet with twelue manner of precious .one!, hailing twelue gates , each built of one pearle : three gates towards each of the flare corners of the world: and at each gate an 4ngell, (as fo many Porters) that no vn- clean thing fliould enter into it, It f ire quare, :bereßreperfek: the 143 A poc. tT.2, &r. Verre 24. & Verfc 18. Verre I T. Verte Verte 21. Verte z 3. Verre i t. Verte -Vcrre a6.'