Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

144 The Prattice of Piety.Y the length, the breadth and height of it are equall, I2000. f rlongS very way : therefore glorious and 7iac1ou1. Thorow the middef of her fireetes ewer runneth a pure. Rimer of the water of f , as cleere as Chrifiall, therefore wholefome. Tad o f either Me the Risser, .is the Tree of l f , euer growing, which beares twelue manner of fruirs , and giues fuite emery moneth them f re fruitfdl. And the lefties of the Tree is health to th. Nations.: thhere f e heal- thy. There is therefore no place fo glorious by creation , fo beautiful! with delellation, fo rich in po f felon, fo comfortable for habitation. For there the King is Chrill: the Law, is lone : the honour,. verity : the peace, felicity : the life ; eter- nity. There is light without darknefle ; mirth, without fad- nefle; health, without fickneíl<e ; wealth, without want ; credit, W diout difgrace beauty,with out