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The Pratt Piety. out blemifh ; cafe without la- bour; riches without ruff; bief- fedneffe without miferie ; and confolation that newer know- eth end : How truely may wee cry out (with Dáuid) of this ci- ty ? Glorious things are#oken of thee, O thou City of God T and yet l all there things are fpoken but . according to the weakeneffe of our capacitie. For heauen ex- ceedeth all this in glory, fo firre _as that no tague is able to expreffe, nor heart of man to conceiue:the glory thereof : as witneffeth Paul who was in it : and raw it. O let vs not then dote fo much vpon there woodden cottages and hou- fes of' moulding clay , which are but the Tents of vngodlineffe, and habitations of' (inners ! but let vs looke rather , and long for this Heavenly Citie, zrhofe builder and maker ù GOD: which he (who is not afhaanted to be called our God) hath prepared far vs. H 2.0 fi Heb.t i. io Eieb.I i.6.