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146 The Fce of Tidy ; a vifio Dei beatifiqa fo. la en fum- mum bonum nofirum. Auglib. de Trin.cap, 1)Fecifii nos domine ad te: inquiet g igitur di cor nofirum, do. nec requief; cat in te. Aug Cnr)f . Ji),I, cap.3. Exo. 53.13. 2. Of thO6iet1, Tbliffefull and glorious °hie& of all intellect-bull, and reafinable creatures in Hea- uen, is the God-head, in T'rinitie of perfins: without which,there is neither ioy,nor filicity: but the very fulaerre of ioy confifteth in enioying the fame. This °bal. wee Alan enioy two way es. I. By a Teatificall vifion of God. 2. By poffeffing an immedi- ate communion with this diuine nature. The a beatificall vilion of God is that onely, , that can content the infinite minde of man. b For euery thing tendeth to his center, GOD is the center o_ ,f* th foule : therefore ( like Waft h opliA ) [bee cannot reft, nor joy, returne and en- ioy him.