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Phe PraEZice of Piety. Ail that God bellowed upon Mofes, could not fatisfie his minde, vnleffe he might fie the face of God.Th erfore the 'whole Church prayeth fo earneílly God bee mercifull vntp vs ; and ble f fe vs and cart fe his face to thine upon vs. When Paul once had feene this ble, ffed fight ; flee (euer after) counted all the ri- ches, and glory of the world (in refpeci of it) to bec but dung : and all his life after was but a Jighing out (cupio di f folui) I de- fire to be dip/Ned, and to bee with Chrß. And Chrift praied for all his Elea in his /4 prayer, that they might obtaine this bleffed vi faon ; Father, I will that they which thou haft giucn mee, be : (where ?) euen where lam: (to what end?) that thy may behold 'that my glory, &mac. If Mofes face did fo fhine, when he had beetle with God but forty dayes, and fettle but his back- parts : How. (hall twee fhine, when the fhall H 2 fee Pfa1.67.i. and 80. a,