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148 Cor. 13. 31. Cor.3.18. t lohn 3 .z. The Pratfice of Tiety, fee him face to face for euer? and know him as wee are knorne, and as he.is_r Then (hall the foule no Longer be. tearmed Aarah, bit - terneffe, but .Naomi, .be riful- nef e, for the Lord (hall turne h er fhort bitterne f f e , to eternal/ beauty and bleffedneffe, Ruth. 1.20. The fecond meanes to enioy this obiecî, is, by hating an im- _munitie, and an eternal/ coiinsu- nion with God in heauen. This wee haue, firft, by beeing (as members of Chrift) vnited to his manhood;and by the manhood, perfona1ly vnited to the Word, wee are vnited to him, as bee is God : and by his God -head, to the whole Trinity. Reprobates at the lait day fhall fee God (as a iuft Iasdge).t0 punifh them:but (for lack of this Communion ) they (hall haue ueyther grace with him, nor glory from him. For want of this Communi- on, the 'Diuels (when they faw