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ppoiii", The Pratlice of Piety. 149 law Chrift) cryed out, uid no- 6ii tecum? What haue we to doe Marke 5.7. with thee , O Sonne o, f the moft high God? But (by vertue of this Communion) the penitenrfoule may boldly goe and fay vnto Chrif (as Ruth vnto Boaz) Spread, O t, the wing of the. Ruth,3.9, garment of thy mercy otter thine handmade : for thou art my kin(: man. This Communion G OD promifed Abraham, when lice gaue him himflf for his great Gen.Tr.T, reward. And Chr4fl prayeth for his whole Church to obtaine it Iohn 17.20, This Communion Saint Paul exprcWeth in one word, laying, that God !hall bee all in all unto r Cor.t ç. v.r..Indeed, God is now all in all z$, vnto vs : but by meares, and in a (mall meafure. But in heaucn, God himfelfe immediately (in fulneífc ofineafitre; without all meancs) will bee vnto vs all the good things , that our foules and bodies can wifh or delire. Hee himfe f will bee feluation, H 3 and.