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15 The PraElice of `7'iety. ` f 4nima ani- er it Zae- us. Bern. Non poteft In usazma re-- 'rutn conditor infe non ha. bere, que re- f,y4 àfecon, ditis dedit : 1 querrsadmo dam fol 4. { ftria. Hugo I.4. de anima. Icap.if. Apoc,Yi,z3. i and ioy to our fòules : lif and health to bur bodies : beauty to our eyes ; mufcke to our ewes : honey to our mo, thes perfume to our nosrils : meat to our. bellies : light to our vnderftan- dixzg's : contentment to our wits ; and delight to our hearts ; and what can bee lacking , where, God himfelf Vill,be the foule of ourfoules ? Yea, all the ftrength, wit, pleafures, vernies, colours, beauties, harmonic, and good - neffe, that are in men , bealts, fifties, fowles, trees, hearbs, and all creatures ; are nothing but fparIcles ofthofe things, which are in infinite perfeEtion in God. And in him we (hall enioy them in a faire more perfel7 and . blef- fed manner. Hee himfelfe will then fupply.their vie : nay, the befl creatures ( which (erne vs now) (nail not haue the honour to ferue vs then., There will bee no neede of the Sunne , nor of the !Toone to fZine in that City : for the