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The Prat-fire ofPiety. 151 the glory of God Both light it. No more will there be any neede, or vfe of any creature , when we (hall enioy the Creator him- felfe. When therefore wee beoid any thing that is excellent an a- ny Creatures., let vs fay to our felues : How much more excel - tent is hee, who gaue them this excellency ! When we behold the wifedome of men, who ouer- rule creatures fironger than themfelues umrunne the sun and Moone iri difcourfe, pre - fcribing many yeeres before,, in what courfe they (hall bee eclip- ed:let vs fay to our felnes, How kdmirable is the zvifedome of God , who made men fo wife ï!. When we confider the flrength of whaler and Elephants the tempefi of windes , and terrour of Thunder ; let vs fay to our felues, How firong, how mighty, . how terrible is that God , that makes thefe mighty v& fearefull H 4 ' Crea- Seneca de benefcciis, ¿ z.capa 9..