Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

131 l The Franke of Piet. Iudg { Creatures ! When wee tafle- things that 'are delicately fweet, let vs fay to our felues, O how Tweet is that God, from whom 411 there Creatures haue recei- ued this fweetnefj'e !. When wee behold' the admirable colours which are in Flowers, and Birds, and the louely beauty of Wo- men : let vs fay, How faire is that God, that made thefe fo faire ! And if our louing God hath thus prouided' vs fo many ex- cellent delights, for our 'mirage thorow this Bachim, or valley of tearer ; what are thnfe plea - lures which bee bath prepared for vs, when we (hall enter into the 'Palace of our Mafiers ioy? How (hall our foules be there rauiíhed with the loue of fo lowly a God? So glorious is the ()Nell of heauenly Saints. So a= miable is the fight of our gra- cious Sauiour. 30 f