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pm- The 7'raffice o f Picty. 3. of the Preromtiase.c which the Eleft fh411 enióy. in Heaíiàen. Y reafon of this Commu- nion with Good, the Cleil in Heauen íhall haue foure Piper- excellent firero ariue.r. if. They !hall haue the King- - dome of heauen for their irshert- tance; and they flail befree;De- tIÌizens of the heaaien y Ierufa- tem, S. 'aaal (by being afree Ci- tizen of dome ), efcaped whip - ping ; but they who are once free Citizens: of the heavenly Fen :diem áll euer bee freed frorn.the whip of eternal!. tor- ments. Vol.', this freedome was bótfghtior vs,. not with a great furn9e'of money "., but with the precious blood.. of the Sonne of God. Z. They'll-mil bee all Kings and` Priejb ( Spirituali Kings) to raigne with Chri f{, and to H triumph Mat::5. t Pet;t.4. 'r.pbefs.9. Heb, tz.a AEIaz,26. kEîraz,zB. I Pet. tag. Apoc. i`1o, t Pet. 2.9.,t9.