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134 1 The PYRClice of y, Per.z.4. He6,s3_.i5. triumph ouer Sathan , the World, and Reprobates : and ffiiritußtll Priefts, to offer veto God the fpirituall Sacrifice of Prai/è and Th mgir4i ag for euer- more. And therefore they are faid to weare both Crownes and Robes. Oh what a comfort is this to poore 'Parents,that haue many Children r if they breed them vp in the feare of God, to bec truer. Chriflians : then are they Parents to fo many Kings and Priefts. 3. Their bodies fhaq fine as the brightneffe of the Sw in the firmament like the glorious Body of Chrifr, which fhined brighter than the Surine at noone, when it appearèd to Paul, A glirnpfe of which glo- rious bri; htneffe' appeared in the bodies of Mofes and Elms, transfigured with our Lord ih the holy Mdunt. Therefore ( faith' the Apoftle ) it fhall;rife ritrrall" Mat. 33.43 Phil. 3:21. A61.12.6. Luke 9.73. acke 9.3. f Cor.,5. 43 ,4 4' body ,