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The Prczttgee of Tiety. x;S body , not in fùbflance, but in quality : preferued by JPirituall meanes , and hauing (as an An- gel) agility to afcend or de - keno!. Oh what an honour is it, that our bodies ( falling more a Ther.44F vile than a carrion) fhould thus arife in glory , like unto the bo- dy of the Sonne of God 4. Lafrly , they ( together with all the holy Angels) there keepe (without any labour to difbraa them) a perpetuall Sab- bath ,. to the glory, honour, and praife of the aye bleffed Trini- tse , for the creating, redeeming, and fanriifying of the Church ; and for his power, wifedome,,. iuf ice,, mercy, and gamines, in the government of Heaven and Earth. When . thou- hearei a fweete Confort of Mùfzcke meditate how happy thou_; ífialt bee,. when ( with the dire Of heaueniy Angel and Saint: thon shalt fing a part iu . that fphituall e;íß /lelasi h, on;