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1+ x? 6 i The `1 ratt lice of Piety. on that eternal' ble f fed Sabbath : where there (hall be filch varie- ty of' pleafures , and faciety of' ioyes ; as neither know tediouf_ nefJe in doing, nor end in de- lighting. 4. Of the of ells of thofe Pre- rogatittes. From thefe Prerogatines there will arife to the Elect in heauen fine notable effects. a Cot, .to, Aug. foliloq. cap. 36. Nihil notuni in terra, U. bil ignotutn ccode. r Hey íhall know G O D with a perfect know- ledge, fo farre as Creatures can pofübly comprehend.the Crea- tor, For there wee íhall fee the Word ,: the- Creator ; and in the Word; all creatures that by the Word were created: fa that wee íhall not need to-learn e (of the things which were made,) the I kn owledgeofhinx by 'whom: all`' things were nvek The- excel lemei