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_ The ¶raïtice of 73 iety. lentet creatures in this life , are but as a dame vaile drawne betwixt God and vs: but when this uaile (hall be drawne afide, then shall wee fee God face to face, and 410141 him as wee are known. W e (hall know the power of' the Father,the wifedöme of the Sonne , the Grace of the Holy Ghofi , and the indiuifible na- ture of the bleí%d Trinity. And in him we (hall know,not onely all our friends, (who dyed in the i faith of Chrifl) but alto alt the faithfull that ever were, or /hall 6e. For, t. Chrift tels the Iewes, that they (hall fee Abraham , Ifaac, and Iacob ;- all the .Prophets in the KinOdome of God, there- fore we (hall know them.. 2. Adam in his innocencie knew Eue to bee bone of hip boñe,audAfb of ,bisflefh.,as footle as be awaked, Muchmore then: thatt wee know our kinred ,. ,..,,...;. when . Ys7 -----__ iCor.r3.ri r Cor.3.16. 7ter vere funt in mun- do invifibi- li ,in mundo vifrbili vm- br,æ reruns. Her.-]. Luke 13.28. Gen. z. 23.