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158 The PraElice of `Piety. Mat. 27.53, Mat.ty.4. Ltaice 16.23. Mat.ig. 2 S. z Cor.6.z, 3 a Cor. z3, z. .Augrs(i, ad ttadicaarsvi draam.Epi.6 when we fhall awake perfc`led and glori f ed in the refurreé ion. 3. The Apoílles knew Chrift after his refurreaion , and the Saints which rof . with-him, and ap peared in the holy City. 4. Peter, lames , and Ioh'i, knew Mofes and Elias in the transfiguration :. how much more fhall we, know one ano- ther, when we fhallbe all glo- rified ? S. Dices knew Lazarus in eAbraham.c bofomne : much more (hall the Elea know one ano- ther in heauen. 6. Chr /1 faith, 'that the twelue eApoJtic.c fhall fit vpon twelue Thonec,.to fudge (at that day) the is. Tribes : therefore they.fhall b.e knowne, and. con-- fequently the reáf of the Saints. 7. Pod faith that at that day wee flail knew as we are hnonne of God c and c!4mgm ine (out of this .place) coznforteth. a Wi- dow , afíuring her). that_!, as --------