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The Praëliee of Piety. in this life, fhe faw her husband with externall eyes : fo in the life to come, Thee íhould know ht; heart, and what were all his thoights and imaginations. Then husbands and wines, looke to your anions and thoughts : For allfhall bee made mani fell one day. Seel Cora:. 5 . 8. The faithfulI in the Old Tcftament, are faid to bee ga- thered to their Fathers : there- fore the knowledge of our friends remain es. 9. Done neuer failed; away : therefore cnowledge,thegròund thereof remaines in another life. i o. Becaufe the laft day (hall bee a .declaration of the itfat rdgen ent of 6d : when he ¡hail reward e7407 man according to his worker : and if euery mans vorkes bee brought to light, much more the worker. And if wicked.mes1 fhall account, for 'e- uery idle vomd,, much more . fhall Mar. the