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The Prat-lice of Piety. the idleieakert themfelues bee known e. And if the perfons bee not knowne , iu vaine are the wori¿e.r made rriànifeft. There -` fore ( faith the tlpof}le) Every man ,fall appeare, to account for the work!: that hee bath done in his body, &c. Sec Wifedome, Chapter s. verf. i .Though the refpe& of diüerfities' of de- grees' and callings in 1l ?agifra- y , Mini gene , and Oeconomy (hall ceafe ; yea, Chrifl !hall then ceafe to rule, as he is Me- d atour,and'rure all in all, as he is God 'gnarl with the rather, and the holy Ghoft. The greateft knowledge that men can attàme unto in this We, comes as farre (host of the knowledge =which we fiall`haue in hidnen , ` as the knowledge of a. that cannot yet fpeake plaine, is to the knowledge of the greateft.'?hilofopl . r in the World. They who thirft for k. so'lpdSt, let diet& bung, to he )_