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The Practice of Piety. 161 bee Students of this V niuerfìty. For all the light by which wee know any thing in this World, is nothing but the very fbadow of God. But when we (hall know God in heauen, we fhall in him, know the manner of the worke of the creation , the myfterie.r of the worke of our Redemption : yea, fo much knowledge as a creature can poffibly conceiue and comprehend of the Crea- tor, and his workes. But whiten wee arc in this life , wee may fay with lob , How little a por- tion heare wee of him? And af- fure our felues with Syracides, that, There are hid yet greater things then theft bee, and that wee haue f ene but a fin, of Gods workes. 2. They (hall loue God with a pertct and abfolute loue , as poifibly a creature can do. The manner of toning GOD, is to loue him for himfelfe : the meafisre, is to loue him without meafure. Lumen e,ll vmbra Dei, dg. Dews ea lumen lumi- nis, Plato, Poli. 6. lob z6 14, Eccl 42.3 a ICor.i3. ia.