Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The Praflice of Piety, meafure, For in this life (know- ing God but in part) wee loue him but in part : but when the Elea inheauen Thal fully know God , then they will pert Illy loue God: And for the infinite caufes ofloue (which they #hall know, to bee in hit they fhall be infinitely rauifhed with the loue of him. 3. They (hall bee filled with all manner of diuine pleaflsref. Pfal. x 6.x x. At thy right hand (faith Dauid) there are pleafusr'e.r for euermore. Yea they (hall drinke (faith hee ) out of the Ritter of plea - fures. For affoone as the foule is admitted into the aftuall fruition of the beati ficall effence of God : fhe hath all the good - neffe, beauty , glory, and perfe- &ion of all creatures (in all the world) united together, and at once prefented vnto her in the fight of God. If any be in hue, there they ilia' inioy that which fis more amiable: if any delight in