Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The (Prat-lice of Piety. 163 in fairene ffe,, the fair& beautie is but a (lathe fhadow to that : he that delights in pleafures, lhalI there finde infinite varieties, without either interruption of griefe , or di(}raf} ion of patine ' hee that loueth Honour, (hall there enioy it, without the dif- grace of' ca kèred entiie : he that loueth treafure (hall there pof fe(fe it, and neuer be 6egoiled of it. There they (hall haue %,now- ledge voide of all ignorance : health, that no f ckne f fe (hall im- paire : and ZifP,that no death can determine. In a'word, farre this wide world furpa(iéth for light, pleafasres, and comfirt, the darke and narrow wombe , wherein thou waft conceiued a childe : fo much loth the World to come exceede in ioyes, fotace, and confolation, this prefent world.Hów happy then (hall we bee, when this life is changed , and-we thither tranflated ? 4. They (hall bee repleni(h- cd