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i 64 The PriZtice of Piety. flied with an vnf4eak4able ioy. Pfal, oat', i Jn thy prefenee ( faith David) is the faine f f "e of ioy. And this ioy (hail arrfe, chiefly from the vi- fion of God : and paru from the fight of the holy Angels and blefled foules of iuft and perfect men, who are in bliffe and glow with him. But efpecially from the blif- Heb.1s. :4, full fight of Iefus the Mediator oral e New Tef aanent, our Em- manuel, God made man. His fightwill be the chiefe calife of 1 loin, I.4°' our bliffe and ioy. If the Ifrae lites in IerHf4lem, fo fhonted fn ioy , that the earth rang againe, to fee Salomon crowned ; how (hall the Fled reioyce in Hea- uen, to fee Chriß (the true Sa- Luke 1.44. lòrnnon) adorned with Glory ? lohn 1',zß, if John Baptif$ at his prefence did leape in his mothers trombe fir ioy, how (hall we exult for ioy, when he will be, not onely with vs, but in vs in Hcauen? If the Wife men reioyced fo great- ly