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The Praftice ofPiety. ly to finde him, a Babe lying in a nso¢riger; how great (hall the ioy of the Eleít be,to fee him fit (as a King) in his celefliall Throne? If Simeon was fo glad to fee. him a infant in the Temple, pre - fented by the hands of the Priefl ; how great (hall our ioy bee, to fee him a King, ruling all things at the right haád of . his Father? If.Iofeph & (Wary were fo ioyfuil to finde him in the middefl , of the Doèlors, in the temple: how glad (hail our foules bee, to fee him fitting as Lord among. Angels inbeauen ? This is that ioy of our Mailer, which (as the Apoftle faith) the eye hath not feene the eare bath not heard, nor the heart of man can có, ceiue : which becaufe it cannot enter into -vs, we fhall enter it. 5. Laítly, they fhall enjoy this bliffefull and glorious eftate fir euermore. Therefore it is rearmed euerlorfling life : and IChri(t faith, that our riot' lhall John 'eats no I65 Mat,z.Io. Luke 2.418, Luke z. 26. Facilius di. cere po¡,'u- muss quid ibi non fit , qurz quid ibi fit. Aug, de fym.lib,;. t Cor. 2.9. Mat. $.a I. eio