Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

166 The Praftice of Piety. Heíl.t.. no man take from vs. All other ioyes ( bee they neuer fo great ) haue an end. Afuerus Feaft la- fled an hundred and eighty clayes but he, and it, and all his ioyes are gone. For mortal]. man to bee aj med to heauenly glory , ro bee afJociated to An- gels, to be fatiated with all de- lights and ioyes , ( but for a time) were much ; but to enioy them for euer , without inter- miffion of end, who can heare it, and not admire it +. who can mufe of it, and not bee amazed at it! All the Saints of Chrifi (as footle as they felt once but a true taft of thefe eternal' by es ) counted all the riches and plea- Ares of this life to be but a lofe and dung , in refpea of: that. And therefore (with vnceffánt prayers, falling, alines- deedes, teares, faith and good life) they laboured to áfcertaine them- felues to this eternal' life : and ( for the loue thd-re f) they b wil '