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......-7+ The 2'raRtice of Piety, 167 bwillingly either fold , or par- b Aa,%,45, ted with all their earthly goods and pofl'efltons. aril/ calleth all Còrifiians, Merchants, Luke 'z 9. and eter- nal life, a precious pearle , which a wife Merchant will purchafe, ,I though it coil him all that hoe bath, ,' fatth. z 3. .Alex! ;der hearing the re Plutar. A_ port of the great riches of the porh 7iegion. Eaíterne countrey diuided forthwith among his Captains and fouldiers, all his Kingdome of Macedonia . Hephæf zi iorr ; as- , king him what lice meant in fo doing ? Alexander anfwered, that bee preferred the riches of fnotia, (wherof he hoped hort- ly to be Mafter) before'ail that his Father 'Philip left him in Ä Macedonia. And Mould not Chri.f{ians then prefer the eter- nail riches of Heaven, fo greatly renowned ,.(which they fhall enioy ere long) before the :coti- rùptible" trail- of the earth which