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168 The Prat-lice o, f Piet. c Heb. r. 4o,if,t6. d Pfa1.8a. Io e I 4 f s Rcg.z. S g Phil.t.zS. b Marst74 which laf but for a fea oon ? Abraham and Sarah left their ovine countrey and poffef- fions, to c looke fir a city , whole; builder and maker to God : and therefore bought no land, but onely a place of buriall. Dauid preferreth a one day in this place before a thoufand elfe- where: yea, to bee a Doore- keeper bi the hoofs of G .O D , rather than to dwell -in the richefaz -tabernacles of wickedtsefJ"e. Elí<u earneftly e befought the Lord to receiue his, foule into his Kingdome , and went willingly., ( though in f a fiery chariot) thither. Paul ( hauing once feene Heauen ) continually g defired to bee d f folteed , that tree might bee with Chrf. Peter (hauing efpied but a glirnpfe of that eternall glo- ry in the Mount) wifhed, that tee_ might dwell there all the dayes of his life ; faying, b Ma- fier, it L. good for vt to bee here. How much better Both 'Peter now