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The `l'rítE1ice of `Piety. 169 now thinke it to bee in beaten it felfe ? Chriil (a littleTbefore his death) prayeth his Father i to receiue him into that excellent glory. And the Apoílle witnef- feth, that '(kfir the ioy which was fit before him) hee inhered the Cro f fe, and de f iifed the Aime. If a man did but once fee thòfe ioyer (if it were pof ible) hee would endure an hundred deaths to enioy that happinéffebut one day. Saint Augusiin faith, that he would bee content to endure the torments of Hell , to game this joy , rather then to loft it, Igna- tius ( 'Paull Scholler) beeing threatñed (as flee was going to fufter ) with the cruelty of tor- ments , anfwered with great courage of Faith Fire, 'Cal - lowe's , T eafis , `bred 'of my bones, quartering of my members, crufhing of 'my body , all the tor- :ments of the Ditte& together, let them come vposs me, fo Tina), en_ I ioy i fob. 74. k Heb.r2.2. Serm. 3 t. de Sanars. ca- talogo. Iren.tib.f cent.Valent.