Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

170 i The Pratt ice of 'Piety. ioy my Lord Iefiu , and his King - dome. The like con fancy {hew- ed Policarpe, who could not by any terrours of any kinde of death, be mooued to deny Chrift in the lea meafure. With the like refolution anfwered Ba- ld his perfecutors , when they would terrifie him with death I will neuer(faith he) flare death, which an doe no more then re- fiore me to him that made me, If Ruth left her ovine Countrey, and followed Noarni her mo- ther in law, to goe and dwell with her in the land of Canaan ( which was but a type of Hea- uen) only vpon the fame which fhe heard ofthe God of Ifrael, (though the had no promife of any portion thereiri)how thoul- deft thou follow thy Holy Mo- ther the Church , to goe vnto Chrift into the heauenly Cana- an; wherein God bath giuen thee an eternallinhabitance, afu_ red by an holy Couenant, made in Eufeb. fib. q.tap.t 6. vita Bail. ßuch.i.i6 .