Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

The PraRice of Piety. in the word of God; fined with the blood of his Son ; andPealed with his Spirit and .Sac.ram,nts ? This {hall be thine eternall hap - pinefje in the Kingdome of hea- uen , where thy life (hall be a communiol with the bleífed Trinity; the ioy, the pretence of the Lambe ; thy exercife, ring- ing thy dittie, A/leluiah ; thy Confits Saints and Angels ; where youth flouriíheth , that neuer waxeth olde; Beautie la- fieth, that neuer fadeth ; loue a- boundeth, that neuer cooleth ; health continueth, that neuer flakcth ; and fé remained), that neuer eneleth. Meditations direEi>gg a Chrifti- an how to apply to hináfelfwith- out delay, the forefaid know- ledge of God, and hiarmf fi. T Hou feeff therefore, O Onan how wretched and curfed thy flare is , by, corrup- I Z fion t1t